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1989  to 1999 -  finalist or winner at the Italian Championship

2000 – Winner of Padova International Open Championship

2001/2002 – Finalist at Under 21 World Open Championship in Assen, Holland

2001/2002 – Finalist at Under 21 Supadance World Open Cup in Liege, Belgium

2003 – Finalist at Argentine Tango Italian Championship WDC-IDO and Second placed in the

Argentine Tango World Ranking List IDO

2006 – First in the world as "Arthur Murray Top Teacher Specialist Award "

(Quality of Teaching award)

2007 – Finalist at Merlion International Open Championship in Singapore

2007 – Finalist at ISTD "Come Dance Hong Kong Open Cup"

2007 – Finalist at Bangkok ISTD International Open Championship

2007 – Finalist at 7th Seoul Cup International Superstar Dancing Championship

2007 – 44th ranked at The International Open Championship (Rising Star) in London


2008 – 1st Runner Up at Taiwan Open Championship

2008 – Winner of the Taiwan-Taipei Team Match (representing Hong Kong)

2008 – Finalist at 16th Come Dancing Cup in Hong Kong

2008 – 96th ranked of 450 couples in Blackpool Rising Star

2011 – Finalist at Asia Pacific Tango Championship (Tango)

2013 – Hong Kong Representative in Argentine Tango World Championship



2008 – 7th President Cup Dancesport Championship

2008 – 1st Muar Malaysia Open Dancesport Championship

2008 – 10th Best of the Best HK Open DanceSport Championship

2009 – 8th President Cup Dancesport Championship

2009 – 2nd Muar Malaysia Open Dancesport Championship

2009 – Annual Celebration & Dancesport Championship by HK International

Professional Dance Sports Council

2010 – HK International Professional DanceSports Championships

2010 – WDC-IDC Italian Open Championships Rome, Italy

2010 – FIDA Italian Championship

2010 – Singapore Merlion International Championships

2010 – Johor (Malaysia) Stars of Tomorrow International Championship

2010 – Indonesian National Championship in Semarang and Jakarta






2006/2007 Choreography Consultant and Dancer for the TVB Production "Steps"  (舞動全城 )

2007 Testimonial dancer at Unveiling Ceremony Bentley Continental  presentation Hong Kong (Tango)

2010 Testimonial dancer at Unveiling Ceremony Maserati Quattroporte China tour

(Shanghai - Beijing - Hangzhou - Guangzhou) (Tango)

2011 to 2014 Choreographer for The Hong Kong Children Choir 

2014 Dance Theater Course Director at The Harbour School

2014 Special Dance Guest at Island East Market (Tango)

2014 Producer/Choreographer/Dancer at  All Stars in Cabaret 

2014 Special Dance Guest at Beer and Music Festival by Lan Kwai Fong Association (Tango)

2014 Special Guest Performer at Saigon Tango Festival 

2015 Producer/Choreographer/Dancer at  All Stars in Cabaret II "The Bohemian Night"

2015 Dance Theater collaboration with Aurora Theater and Fringe Club (Tango)

2015 The Assett Award Show Director (Tango + Cabaret)

2015 /2016 Hong Kong University - Argentine Tango Course Director

2016 to 2018 Dance Theater course Director at Imperial Academy Hong Kong

2019 Special Guest Performer at the Hong Kong Salsa Festival & 8th World Championship (Fusion)

2020 / 21 Main Maestro Performer at "Milonga online by the sea" 海邊探戈的網絡森林 LCSD sponsored


Antimo is the second generation of dancers and third generation Artist in the Russo Family from Napoli  (Italy).

Antimo started training, competing and performing since the age of 8,

he has been dancing for almost 30 years, while he started his teaching

and show directing career in 1997.

In 2000, he decided to embrace his Argentinean Heritage  and started

a profound studying and training in Argentine Tango with the most

prominent Argentinean Maestros such as  Milena Plebs  and  Miguel Angel Zotto, Roberto Herrera, Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega, Sebastian Misse and Andrea Rejero, Graciela Gonzales, Pablo Veron, Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, Laila Rezk y Leandro Oliver  and many others.

He won the Argentine Tango Italian Championship in 2002 & 2003, and was placed Second in the Argentine Tango

World Ranking List (WDC-IDO).Antimo is currently an International Argentine Tango Lecturer, Choreographer 

and Adjudicator in different countries.

He works with different schools and organizations to educate and groom the dancers of the younger generation.

He was also the Producer and Artistic Director of the famous musical production:

All Stars in Cabaret (2014) - All Stars in Cabaret "The bohemian night" (2015).

Together with his parents Mr. Eugenio Russo and Mrs. Diaco Concetta, they founded the famous Sirio Dance Studio in Italy in 1996.

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